Hey Girl, It's Me. Your Natural Hair.

I feel like one of the most desired hair "styles" at the moment is the perfect, natural looking balayage. And there's a reason, it's beautiful and the contrast can totally open up your face and brighten your complexion. Last year I was on a mission to have the perfect balayage hair. And I did, mission complete. But it took a lot of time, maintenance and of course money. I really loved having natural, deep roots that faded into a cool blonde shade, but if we're being honest... I was really tired of the upkeep. 


I did a blog post about a year ago, explaining all the details of how I got to where I wanted to be and the challenges I faced during that journey. Ultimately, I got where I wanted to be with the blonde but felt like staying there was a real challenge. I think there were a few factors leading me to feel this way; 1. I like to live an active lifestyle and 2. my naturally dark hair seemed to disagree with the color. Which is why I went back to my natural, dark hair.


What I mean when I say I like to live an active lifestyle: I love to be in water. Oceans, pools, jacuzzis, hot springs... you name it. And not like "let me put my hair up and take a dip", no I want to play in waves, pretend I'm a mermaid and jump in pools. So during the summer, when I decided to transform my hair, I didn't plan my vacation to Spain around drunkenly jumping into the pool at 2 AM, not washing my hair (drunk) and going directly into the ocean the next morning. I thought, "Oh, I have purple shampoo, it's fine!" I mean I think I thought that... Well, guess what, it wasn't fine. Shocker. I was left with green hair, and when it wasn't green, it was purple or brassy orange. Actually the opposite of the look I was going for. Following my Spain trip, I had a trip to Palm Springs. Where it's so hot that you actually can't leave the pool if you plan on being outside. So, there was THAT. I'll let you just imagine how that went for my hair. I'll give you a hint, it wasn't far from the Spain experience.

I would claim that I understand color theory, which is why I was determined to color correct and tone myself before going into the salon and paying upwards of $200 to have someone else fix it. That's when I started seeing the purples & brasses. It was at that point that I decided that my hair just didn't want to be this color. My hair is naturally very deep brown, it was black when I was born. And I have a lot of hair. Hairdressers have told me like 4-5 strands coming out of 1 single follicle. So I knew if I were to continue down this path it was going to be a stressful and costly experience. It was at that point that I decided it no longer fit my lifestyle to have hair as light as it was.


My next move: book an appointment to properly color my hair back to it's natural state. My girlfriends and even hairdresser were like "WUT!? Are you kidding?! You've come so far!" and yeah but I really felt like I wasn't happy with how sensitive it seemed to be. So, my girl did the damn thing. She matched my hair back to the color of the root, which she herself had never seen me as a full brunette, re: previous post.

I felt SO relieved once I was back to my natural state. It really made me appreciate what I already have. There's something so sexy about being brunette, and I totally forgot that feeling because I was so preoccupied trying to conserve my balayage.


What's your thoughts on balayage? Do you feel like it's overrated, or are you so into it was you don't even care you'll do whatever it takes? Interested in yo thoughts!



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