Bold Lips & Glitter Eyeliner

Hi there darlin's! Long time no blog -_- Anyways... I have been so busy the past few weeks it has been so crazy hectic! But in the best way possible. I have been given one of the most amazing opportunities with one of the most amazing cosmetic companies on the market! It has been such an amazing ride so far and the store has yet to open! Enough about my amazing opportunity, which I will share more soon, I have a tutorial I've posted on YT and it's really fun!!

I received a Too Faced Melted Lipstick in the shade Melted Fucsia in my BeautyCon swag bag and absolutely had to put this color on camera!! (And honestly, this by far was the best item in the swag bag, thanks Too Faced!) I know that bold colors like this can be overwhelming to wear sometimes simply because you can feel over done. That is exactly why I made this tutorial, to show you how you can rock this jammin color and look simply put together!

I wanted this look to be wearable from day to night, or be the kind of look you throw on because you need to look put together but don't have the time! As you may be able tell, I tried to add a little spunk to this simple winged liner look by using a liquid liner that has glitter flecks. This particular liner can be found at Sephora and is Sephora brand. There is a part of me that likes this liner because the glitter pay off isn't extremely high making it a hidden feature that only the sun may catch. The other part of me really wishes the glitter pay off was higher because, well, that would be awesome. All in all, I do like this formulation of liquid liner, very easy to apply with precision, nice felt tip applicator and great black coverage. However, I am very undecided about the actual glitter pay off you receive. As always any black or brown liner will do, just be sure to keep you eyes easy so the face doesn't look to heavy.

Since the eyes are classic and well defined, I wanted to leave the face neutral, yet refined. Using a light hand/wash of Soft N Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish by MAC I really wanted to accentuate the high points of my face to add glow and life. I love this highlight for day to day use. You can apply the smallest amount of this product and look lightly sun kissed or really create a major glow by slowly building this product up. To die for! I then wanted a soft glow on the cheeks as well and went for The Balm Hot Mama to brighten the face. This blush is incredible and is my go to "feel better" product. I little dab makes me feel so beautiful!!

Finally on to the lip. I am one word- obsessed. I know this word is frequently overused nowadays. HOWEVER. This lipstick is unreal. I am hands down in love with the formula, the way it applies- so smooth, the applicator- short brush spout, the way it feels and dries to a normal lipstick- not like a wax that you can't normally press your lips together without it feeling crackly or sticky. This product is phenomenal. And this color is rockable all year around. the prefect fucsia pink not too neon, light or dark- just right. I definitely am in the market to purchase more colors from this line. Bravo, Too Faced, bravo.

This is my version of how I easily put myself together for any occasion. Lipstick will always be your friend when it comes to looking like you've spent time on your appearance. It's all about balance pick a feature face, eyes or lips. Go big for one and leave the others to enhance that feature.

Products Mentioned in Tutorial :)


  • NARS - Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Primer
  • Lorac Pro Palette 2 - Buff & Light Brown
  • NARS - Larger Than Life Eye Pencil in Via Veneto
  • Sephora - Black Glitter Liquid Liner
  • 100% Pure - Black Tea Lengthening Mascara


  • MAC - Mineralize Skin Finish Soft N Gentle
  • The Balm - Hot Mama


  • MAC - Beet Lipliner
  • Too Faced - Melted Fucsia




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