Disney's Tinkerbell (Fairy) Inspired Halloween Tutorial

When I think of Halloween, I think of when I was a tiny diva and the types of characters I wanted to be back then. I always had incredible costumes thanks to two very creative and crafty women, my mother and grandmother. I remember one year, I must have been 6 or 7 my grandmother made me the most beautiful pair of purple fairy wings. I don't even remember wanting to be a fairy, but the wings were so beautiful and sparkly I obviously had to wear them. I wish I had pictures now, but I remember them being artfully mounted in my room years after. 


Which brings me to the partial creative inspiration I felt when creating this look. I had a great friend of mine Laura Lee, come to me with an idea to join in a collaboration with fellow YouTubers to recreate a Disney character of our choice. I had a couple ideas that had been taken by other collaborators at the time and was ultimately drawn to Tinkerbell. Not just because I love Tink & Peter Pan but because I was so excited to create my own spin on a fairy makeup look.


I really wanted this look to be something wearable if you're going to something more low key, like a bar or your boyfriend's co workers party. I really focused on the eyes and sparkling up the face to add more glamour. This look is extremely easy to create especially if you know basic makeup/shading application techniques. I replaced the traditional contour and blush shades with a deep green shade (contour) and the blush with a light shimmer shade. I chose green to keep the Disney's Tinkerbell look in mind but you have so much opportunity with this foundational look- use whatever you have.. whatever may match your costume. I would love to see this look recreated with purples, pinks, blues or yellows! 

For added Tinkbell-esque inspo I bought this adorable headband from Ulta for $10 and threw my hair into a messy top knot. 

I hope you enjoy this look and be sure to watch me create it in my video!

If you do decide to recreate/work off/feel inspired please tag me on instagram! #graytracyartistry



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