Michael Todd Skincare Review


I am so excited to be sharing my experience with the Michael Todd  Soniclear Cleansing System! Using a system like this is essential for the overall health of my skin, keeping it clean and blemish free. 

A little bit about this cleansing system:

  • This system comes with two different heads- a smaller head for facial and neck use, and a larger, more dense body brush. It also comes with a charger, with a full charge you can use it 25-35 times before the next charge. 
  • The handle is able to recognize the head attached and will operate accordingly. The facial brush runs for a minute with twenty second intervals with three levels of intensity. The body brush runs for three minutes with minute intervals with three intensity levels. 
  • The Soniclear works best with a non exfoliant product, you can definitely use an exfoliator- but be sure its soft beads and not seed based. This can be very abrasive on the skin and since the brush head shifts back and forth its already acting as an exfoliator. (The point of exfoliating or using any kind of exfoliator is to slough off dead skin, generally you want to exfoliate one to two times a week. This means exfoliating bead scrubs or using a mask/peel. Exfoliating is important to keep the skin appearing fresh and renewed!)
  • This is a great product for daily and/or heavy makeup wearers, and anyone wanting a deep clean. 
  • The body brush is the most indulgent aspect of the cleansing system. Of course the facial brush leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, but the body brush!!! Every time I've used it either in the shower or bath it has left my feet, knees, thighs, elbows and shoulders feeling so amazing. I normally use it before bed and always feel incredibly relaxed.
  • You can find the Soniclear at www.michaeltoddusa.com. They also have an amazing line of face and body products ranging from cleansers to moisturizers to peels and serums. Michael Todd is cruelty free (NO ANIMAL TESTING!) and makes their products with organic ingredients, no parabens or mineral oil.
L: face brush, R: body brush

L: face brush, R: body brush


The heads are very easily attached and detached, and it is genius that the system recognizes the head! The button in the center on the bottom is the on/off switch. You are able to stop at any point. The button just above the power button adjusts the speed and level of intensity. Depending on your skin type and the depth you'd like to cleanse, you have three different levels.

I personally have combination skin- mostly normal but tends to be oily in the T-zone, my skin is also very sensitive. Generally with oily skin, we can tend to have larger pores where the oil is produced... Being more susceptible to black heads and blemishes. I like to go back and forth upping the intensity every once and awhile. Since my skin is sensitive I like to use the lower levels. BUT on the other hand if I wear a lot of makeup or wear makeup for an extended period of time I like to up the intensity to get a really deep clean.

As you can see, the body brush is much larger. I also believe the bristles on this brush are packed more dense. I like to use this in the shower and in the tub for a relaxing evening, and I just use my daily body wash. After using the body brush, not only does my body feel great but my skin looks revitalizes and even feels lighter and softer.

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser


The Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser has quickly become a daily necessity in my skin care routine. It's great for deep cleansing the skin, removing makeup and works great for oily skin. Since I wear makeup on a daily basis, I love using this and have noticed my skin has been much clearer. Let me tell you, this cleanser does work- but I did go through a period where the deepest darkest came up to the surface... Thats probably the worst part of using a cleanser like this or even the Soniclear. Just know there will be a point in time were your skin might be a little scary, but that means its working. I also love the smell of this cleanser, its smells slightly piney and leaves the skin feeling really fresh.

Here's how I use these products :)

  1. In the evening, I like to use a Cleanse Off Oil (Mine's from MAKE UP FOR EVER) to remove my makeup.
  2. I then clean off the oil and wet my face with warm water.
  3. Take a pea size amount of Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Cleanser on my finger tips and massage into my skin in circular motions for about 30 seconds. I then rinse. (You can also skip this step- I like to do this so I get the deepest clean I possibly can)
  4. Next, I wet the Soniclear head and shake it over the sink so its not too wet. I then pump a small amount on to the brush head.
  5. I put the head up to my chin and press the power button. This is the time you'd switch the intensity if you wanted to! I first work on the chin and jaw for the first twenty seconds, once it beeps I move to the middle of face- nose and cheeks, and the last twenty seconds are spent on the forehead and temples.
  6. Once it powers down, I wash the brush head clean and wash the suds from my face. I also like to keep the Soniclear in its charging cradle, while its unplugged so its able to air dry.
  7. Moisturize face and you're done!

I think I've covered everything I can think of for this review! In sum, I absolutely love using this system as well as the cleanser. It has definitely changed my skin for the better! Please let me know if there are any questions or comments, and let me know if there are Michael Todd products that I should try next!



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