MAC Lip Pencil Collection & Review

As we get more into makeup and continue experimenting with the perfect lip shade to compliment our skin tone, we'll soon cozy on up to using lipliners. Lipliners are one of my favorite makeup products because without them a red or deep lip color just may look crazy. This comes from first hand experience working with reds, purples and pretty much any color that isn't nude. Lipliners can also perfect and balance the lips to create symmetry, shape and volume.

MAC lipliners are among my favorite lipliners on the market. They now have an insane color assortment perfect for any lipstick you may own. The fun thing about lipliners is that they don't have to perfectly match the shade of lipstick you'll be wearing. It's all in how you manipulate them. For example, if you have a milky nude shade like Myth but don't want it to look sooo pale, you can take a lip liner with a darker base (stripdown, spice or oak) to  line to define. But you won't stop there- it's then your job to blend the edges so you're not reliving a terrible 90's trend. This example works for all shades; pink, red, purple, blue... Whatever you're heart desires.

You can also use a lighter or darker lip shade as a base to change the color of lipstick or gloss that you lay over top. It's fun! It also gives you a lot more options with your lip colors!! Add a dark lipliner all over the lip and add a fun lighter shade over top- outcomes may vary but that's why makeup is an art. Goes the same for the alternate scenario, add a light lip pencil all over the lip to alter the base creating a more true to color lip color.

Moving into longevity... Another way, other than my trusty MAC Prep + Prime Lip- which I'm obsessed with, to prolong the wear of your lipsticks- fully line and fill your lips in. Since you're laying down a colored base, it will only keep your lipstick on longer as well as still be there when your lipstick is fading away.

Since, I brought up the MAC Prep + Prime Lip I'll give you a little run down. First of all, I'm completely obsessed and choose not to apply lip products without it on not only myself but my clients. The main purpose of this product is to keep your lipstick on longer, as well as act as a buffer to prevent lipstick/stain from bleeding and causing imperfect lines. If you're using it to keep from bleeding then always prep a little over the lip line. This will keep the product from crossing the lip boundaries you're creating. WHY do I choose to not go without this product? Well honestly, I'm all about comfort and sometimes when using matte or dry lip products, which can sometimes be lip pencils, the Prep + Prime Lip will ensure that your lipstick or pencil will glide on like butter! 

PLEASE DON'T be afraid to wear lipliners alone!! This is fully acceptable! And do your lips how you like! Some will tell you line first, lipstick after. Others do lipstick first then correct with liner... ANYTHING goes my friend. DO YOU! 

So on to the lip pencils from MAC, because that's what we're all here for- I've created a video showing all the lipliners in action but if you prefer still images here ya go!


SUBCULTURE- Nude lip pencil, slight light pink undertone. Great for pale skin, just enough color to not wash you out. Also can be worn by medium skin tones. Top lipsticks I like to wear with this lip pencil; Blankety, Faux, Pure Zen. Also fully lined lips with any gloss overtop. PERFECTION!

BOLDY BARE- Nude lip pencil with peachy pink undertones. Great for a wide amount of skin tones, and great worn on its own. Top lipstick combos: Kinda Sexy, Peach Blossom, Honeylove.

OAK- Nude lip pencil with a slight grey-brown undertone. Very earthy but doesn't have much pink or peach to it. Great as a neutral lip liner. Top lipstick combos: Velvet Teddy, Viva Glam II, Yash.

STRIPDOWN- Nude peachy brown lip pencil with warm undertones. Gorgeous on medium to darker skin tones, a perfect nude. Top lipstick combos: Peachstock, Cream Cup, Kinda Sexy.

CORK- Browny nude lip pencil with warm golden undertones. Incredible on darker skin tones but can be worn by all. Top lip combos: Touch, Taupe, Ravishing.

SPICE- Deeper version of Boldly Bare with peachy pink undertones. Incredibly universal and suites a wide range of skin tones. Top lipstick combos: Twig, Yash, Fast Play.


EDGE TO EDGE- Cool tone pink lip pencil with blue undertones. Matches many skin tones, great for pale and lighter because of blue base. Top lip combos: Pink Plaid, Angel, Faux.

SOAR- Mid tone pink with brown undertones. Gorgeous on its own, great for a range of skin tones... Made famous for Kylie Jenner's lips. Top lip combos: Please Me, Blankety, Creme de Nude.

WHIRL- Mid tone dusty rose shade lip pencil, again great for a wide range of skin tones. Does have a slight grey undertone. Top lipstick combos: Honeylove, Viva Glam V, Twig.

EMBRACE ME- Bright, almost neon pink shade. Limited edition unfortunately but is a great match to Candy Yum Yum and Talking Points. Top lip combos: Embrace Me, Fusion Pink, Candy Yum Yum.

TALKING POINTS- Bright fuschia pink lip pencil with blue undertones. Great addition to the lip pencil line up and super fun for summer! Top lipstick combos: Pink Pigeon, Girl About Town, Viva Glam Miley Cyrus

HALF RED- Mid tone, dusty burgundy shade. Absolutely beautiful for any occasion and pairs well with lighter shades. Top lipstick combos: Myth, Please Me, Sushi Kiss.


BUERRE- Dusty plum cremestick liner. Very comforting on the lips and glides on wonderfully. Top lipstick combos: Plumful, Sweetie, Lovelorn.

ABSOLUTELY IT- Dusty burgundy with plum undertones. Prolongwear formulation and has 8 hour staying power!! Gorgeous on its own. Top lipstick combos: Patisserie, Cosmo, Shy Shine.

ABLAZE- Bright coral pink lip pencil. Unfortunately, limited edition but is close to Lasting Sensation lip pencil, which is permanent. Top lipstick combos: Ablaze, Ravishing, Summer Saigon.

RUBY WOO- Vivid blue-red lip pencil. Again isn't a dead on match to the lipstick but very close and pairs beautifully. Top lipstick combos: Relentlessly Red, MAC Red, Brave Red.

BRICK- True golden red. Stunnnning on all skin tones. Extremely universal and pairs with most reds. Top lipstick combos:Russian Red, Diva, Ruby Woo.

BEET- Bright red pink lip pencil, great for all skin tones and perfect all year around. Top lipstick combos: All Fired Up, Girl About Town, Lickable.

BURGUNDY- True burgundy lip pencil with red-brown undertones. Gorgeous on wide ranges of skin tones. Top lipstick combos: Sin, Viva Glam III, Diva.


HEROINE- Bright purple lip pencil with pink undertones. Super fun lip pencil but unfortunately limited edition. Very close to Magenta lip pencil or Fashion Boost Prolongwear lipliner. Top lipstick combos: Flat Out Fabulous, Up the Amp, Heroine.

CURRANT- Deep purple with pink-red undertones. Top lipstick combos: Rebel, Media, Cyber.

NIGHTMOTH- Very deep, almost black plum lip pencil. Great for dark lipstick to really intensify and deepen. Sin, Cyber, Rebel. 


Please leave me a comment on your favorite lip pencils/liners from MAC or any other brands. I'm clearly obsessed!! And would love to hear from those with my same obsessions :)