Sephora Collection: Ultra Shine Lipgloss Review


A few months back I went to Sephora to pick up a couple items and had racked up some points, SCORE! So this point gift had a few items from Sephora's line, one of which was a lipgloss. I've never been the lipgloss type, more of a bold matte lip type of girl. But the time comes when you spread for makeup wings and try new things. (Like the Sephora makeup line, which I have only dabbled in a few of their products.) The Ultra Shine Lip Glosses from Sephora aren't the first lip glosses I've ever liked but I truly don't mind them, and think they are one of my favorite formulations!


I currently have 3 colors now including my sample (Pin Up Pink - Shiny) along with Beige Craze - Shiny and Vibrant Coral - Shiny. I went for these colors in July for an easy summer lip, and you can never go wrong with a nude or coral! I also really like the shiny formulation and think that it adds a beautiful smooth glossiness over lipliners and lipsticks. Sephora offers 44 different shades in this lip gloss formula in shiny (opalescent free for wet effect), reflex (ultra opalescent- jewel like finish) and shimmery (ultra opalescent for an elegant luster finish) finishes. I personally am not a shimmery gloss kind of girl- glittery lips are another thing! But I figured since I liked the shiny sample I would like the full sizes I purchased.



Price: $14

Color Range: 44 shades with shiny, reflex and shimmery finishes (description above)

Smell: Light vanilla cupcake - yum! But not at all overpowering or nauseating

Texture: Super moisturizing and soft, this is not a sticky lipgloss but is a medium to thick consistency and has lasting power. Beautiful shiny, smooth finish to the lips. 

Color Payoff: Sheer to medium coverage, however I only have lighter colors in this gloss and would be curious if the reds/plums have higher pigment. Nonetheless, you are still able to see the color of the gloss! 

Longevity: Sephora's claim is 4 hours, I probably experienced a wear of 3 to 4 hours without it disrupting my lipstick underneath! 

Packaging: Sleek hourglass shape with clear tube, can see color clearly, black top with Sephora print around base. Somewhat hard to spot but once you've found it- you'll know it (44 options!). Features suction when wand is pulled out, allowing the perfect amount of product out and on the applicator.

Applicator: Bendable, hourglass applicator that adds fluidity to application, curves the lip perfectly and allows precision when applying.

L: Studio lighting, R: Natural lighting

L: Studio lighting, R: Natural lighting


In sum, I love this product and would repurchase and recommend it to anyone in the market for a good, easy lipgloss for everyday wear! Here is my video review, be sure to check it out and subscribe for more beauty fun!




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