Bronze + Glowing in November: My Power Look


One of my favorite things to do in the cooler months, other than drink peppermint mochas and self-tan, is to wear bronzy makeup. I love deep lips and glam smoky eyes around this time, don't get me wrong! But on the flip side of that, wearing a more "natural" look with bronzy eyes, glowing skin and nude lips make me feel so much more carefree

I wore this makeup to a WWD event, the booth I worked at was focused on glowing skin. Needless to say, the booth was a hit since literally all of LA is dripping in some sort of glowy product. Getting ready, I think to myself, what goes with glow? Bronze.

Again, going back to feeling the most carefree, I always tell client's and friends when they're getting ready for an event or something they know they'll be photographed at, do what feels natural. Go with something that will give you all the confidence in the world. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is my power look



I have two favorite products that help me bronze during winter months. One is Tarte Cosmetics Sculptor Contour Slenderizer stick in Park Ave Princess. I love this product, honestly, I don't like the name - it's so long and a little cheesy, but besides that, it's a chubby pencil that I can easily map out and contour/bronze with. I wouldn't say that this is a contour stick for my skin tone, the color is simply too warm (I prefer something cooler). But when I'm looking for bronze I grab this, apply and it blends out so easily! Secondly, for a final bronzing step I always use Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer. OMG. Really this is the perfect shade of bronzer on so many skin tones. It perfectly warms up the skin and blends out so effortlessly.


Since we're talking about glowy skin, and how to feel like you've just been tanning in the winter months, the honorable mention in this post is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped  This product blends into the skin like a second skin and looks buttery smooth on the high points of the face. My favorite way to wear this palette is to mix shades. Sun Dipped is meant to suit a range of skin tones, so instead of wearing one shade over and over again, (which you can absolutely do), you can mix shades to create custom shades to suit your needs. I love the shade Bronzed specifically on my skin tone as more of a highlighting blush, the bronzy shimmer makes me feel like its July when it's actually November, FABULOUS!


The eyes are simply a collaboration of Hoola and Sun Dipped. Win-win for the gal-on-the-go that needs to travel light or doesn't have time to fumble between multiple palettes. Lashes are MAC Cosmetics 35 lashes, chunky and perfect.


What's your power look? I'd love to know! 

Xo Gray