A Neutral Way to Wear Color

I think one of the biggest fears in makeup is that you will look like it's too overdone. And for some it's very easy to push over that tipping point. One way to look too overdone is by incorporating color. Something you'll see a lot of on my blog is that I like to play with color. I don't love it because I love staying in my neutral-ass lane. But I do get wild on occasion and play with color. This look is one of those occasions.


Anastasia Beverly Hills just launched new eyeshadow singles. And thank you so much ABH, I'm so into the color palette! Today's spotlight shade is Ballet, it's a gorg baby pink that has red and purple sparkles when the light hits it. I paired it with 2 other shades from the new launch; Love Letter (yes, from Modern Renaissance) and Brick which is a warm mid-tone orange-brown (you know I needed this) and Hot Chocolate which is an existing shade.

This is how you wear color and make it wearable/not overdone. I have a palette of 4 shades: 2 are pops of color in the same color family (Ballet & Love Letter) and 2 neutral tone shades (Brick & Hot Chocolate). My theory is that as long as you keep the colorful shades on the lid and inner corner and the neutral shades in the crease, you'll be golden. That way the colors are a fun little surprise every time you flutter your eyes. 

I first applied Brick to the crease and lower lash line, then applied Hot Chocolate to the outer crease and up in the lower lashes. I then took Love Letter and started packing in on the out lid, blending it into Hot Chocolate. To make the eyes pop, I applied Ballet on the inner & center of the lid, blending it into Love Letter. I also popped Ballet into the inner corner for added brightness.


See? Not so scary. I guess you could say it's a neutral way to wear color.

xx Gray

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