Brows: How to Fill Them In

Hi my pretty friends! I get so many brow related questions and I thought for a feature that's a bit more technical, I should make a video. Which I will link before for you to see exactly how I fill them in and the products I love to use for a naturally filled effect.


What's the big deal with brows?? In the last few years brows have truly made a come back in terms of filling and striving for a full arched, fluffier, natural looking brow like the supermodels rocked in the 90s. Thanks to brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, who was at the forefront of making this possible in the 90s by creating the first line of brow products. We now have infinite possibilities of creating any style brow possible with so many different formulas and products.

For today's post, I wanted to share with you the easiest and most foolproof way to fill in your brows for a natural appearance. Once you watch the video, you might be like damn girl! that's a lot for a natural appearance!! Mhmm, yep it could be a lot for anyone to handle or may not have time for. BUT, I will say if you get into the habit of doing this brow routine you can manipulate and edit it to work for you. That's really the beauty of all makeup, there are no rules. You can do whatever you want and make it yours. Also, the technique you see me perform with brow powder is applicable for pencil, pomade and gel application.


So grab the products you have for your brows, they can even be eyeshadow colors that resemble your hair color and get ready to follow along! Leave me all the questions, I'm here for this brow journey!

xx Gray


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