Spring Look: A Pop of Color


Though the above image does absolutely nothing for this post, my new favorite trend at the moment is popping a color on the inner corner to add something special to an otherwise simple look. Playing with color can be fun and done very discretely if you're not looking to wear a primary yellow smoky eye.

My style when it comes to makeup is classic but glam. I love to play eye shadow to enhance my eyes and generally do not stray too far from a warm, bronze, neutral palette smoky look. Adding in a light purple, pink or green highlight has really changed my mind on wearing color to bring more life into a look.

I recently picked up the ABH Aurora palette, which has six shades for highlighting the face, eyes, and body. Some would pick up the palette and say, woahhh this is really purple or this is really green, and that can be very intimidating.

The shade on my inner corner is Spectra, a purple shade with pink and blue reflect, and as you can see perfectly subtle enough to not overpower the look as a whole. (Not to mention looks really pretty next to the gold shade.) I also really liked how the purple highlight paired with the pink lip, I think it tied into the look as a whole very effortlessly.


Update: If you're wondering what's up with my hair - it's still purple silver. Let's see next week when it's had another wash!

Xo G