NYE Glam Makeup

It's that time of year! When the year starts over and everyone makes resolutions that they don't keep! Okay not really, that's the total cynic in me. If you make resolutions and keep them, good for you! I, on the other hand, believe you can change your perspective or even your life at anytime. Why not tomorrow, why not today? That's just my view, I believe you're in total control over your life and it's up to you when and if you want to make a change.


Speaking of change, IDK about you, but I definitely do not incorporate glitter into my makeup looks often. It's more of a special occasion addition to my makeup. You may be like um hellooo what about your last post? Yes, a glitter lip is one thing, but adding glitter to your eye look is another.

The look I created for NYE is something I would wear on a night out at any point in the year. All I did was add a bit of glitter to the lid! I mean, why not? If you have glitter, what better time to wear it than New Years Eve?


Watch below to learn how to get this look!

What's everyone doing for NYE this year? I honestly really do not like holidays that are based around drinking and prefer to stay in. I'll most likely watch the ball drop with my man and some friends.

Wishing everyone a happy New Year! & remember you can make resolutions at any time.

xx Gray