Mini Urban Decay Naked Smoky Review + Look

You can always count on me to serve up a warm tone smoky eye. So for today's post, I thought let's do something way different. Cool tone & colorful.


I have the Urban Decay Smoky palette. I've also never used it until creating this look. I used to get so hyped about the new Urban Decay palettes. But when this palette came out I really didn't see me wearing any of the shades, so I passed. However, my mom knew I loved and had all the other palettes, so she surprised me with it. So thank you mom.

Let's talk about the palette...
Why didn't I find this palette necessary?
You may already know this about me if you follow along on my blog or my Instagram, but I prefer warm tone, neutral shades for my eyeshadow. Not to say that cool tones are bad, they're just not my preference. This look came out great but isn't something I wouldn't wear often enough to invest into this palette and the color range it contains.

Does the Urban Decay Naked Smoky have the same quality shadow?
100%. This palette completely holds up to the UD standard of eyeshadows. The range of color, on the other hand, is a miss for a customer like me. Let's just say, if you like blue, you'll like this palette. 

Would you recommend this palette for someone who likes cool tones?
It depends on the type of makeup wearer you are. If you want something fun, yes. If you like cool tones but wear more neutrals, I would suggest the Naked 2 palette. The shades in the Naked 2 are the bomb and you can create smoky looks without them all turning blue.

Overall thoughts?
The palette itself is nice. Would I personally invest $54 to own it? No.


However, since I do own the palette I would love to do more looks with it if someone else has it and just doesn't know what to do with it? Lemme know!

xx Gray