How to Apply False Lashes Like a Pro

One of my favorite aspects of a makeup is a false lash. The right lash can take your look from a 5 to a 10. No joke. So I thought, since it's now faster for me to apply false lashes than mascara, I should create a video.

So I did, you can watch it here...

However, if you want the tips written out for you, here you go :)

Things you need:
• False lashes
• Lash glue
• Cosmetic scissors
• Swivel mirror or compact
• Dull tweezers (optional)
• Black eyeliner (optional)

1. Swivel mirror upwards so you're looking down comfortably during application.
2. Measure lash to your natural eyelash line, do this by removing the false lash and placing the inner corner where you're natural lashes start. Look forward to visualize how much to trim off the outer lash, if necessary. Always do both lashes, your eyes may be different sizes, totally normal!
*Pro Tip: Always trim off the outer lash, the inner part of the lash is generally the shortest and meant for a natural appearance.
3. Once they're trimmed, disperse a small amount of glue across the lash band, if you're using Duo, 30 seconds will be perfect. While the glue is drying, I like to break in the lash band a little bit by "roller coasting" the lash. Basically softening the lashes so they're flexible for application.
4. Once your lash glue is tacky, you're ready to apply! Get excited, your look is about to be bomb!! Either apply with dull tweezers or fingertips. Using your thumb & pointer finger to grip the lash and the middle finger as an anchor for stability on the forehead.
5. Place the center of the lashes on the center of your lash line. Adhere the inner corner of the lash to inner corner and do the same to the outer corner. 
6. Use fingers to adjust for comfort.
7. Once the glue is fully dried, apply mascara to the natural lashes to softly blend into the false lash.
8. If you're wearing eyeliner, apply a thin line to the lash band to ensure that the lash band isn't shiny or exposed.


What are your tips & tricks? You know I love to know :)