A Love Story: Vintage Denim Shorts

I've always been a shorts wearer. When the A&F & Hollister denim skirts were all the rage in middle school and high school, you'd catch me in the shorts version. Now that I'm an adult, I no longer gravitate towards the "cheeks out" shorts but want something with a little more length. Not too much, I'm still a SoCal girl with no shame! But I don't need my ass hanging out when shopping for groceries.

Is it weird to say that these shorts found me? I wasn't even really looking for them. I went to Crossroads Santa Monica one Saturday morning like I generally do, about once a month, to check out the selection. Crossroads Santa Monica & Melrose are great places to find nicer pieces for less, should you find yourself looking for something to do in LA (that involves spending money, lol). Anyways, I was on the hunt for high waist Levi's denim pants, and that's when I came across these babies.


So there I was, looking at the denim shorts I never knew I needed. They literally said, "girl take me home!", so I tired them on and I did. And now I wear them ALL. THE. TIME.

A little information on these babes.
Brand: Reformation vintage Levi's
Rise: High waist
Length: Fully covers the ass, lol.
Price: $39 @ Crossroads, estimated Reformation price = $78


Since they're a mid-tone wash you can literally style them however you like, which is the beauty of denim. I personally stick to solids, minimal prints & animal prints in my day to day dress. So I styled with a white chiffon dress top and dressed it down by tying up the front. A simple black camisole underneath, pink lens sunnies & a leopard print boot.