The Struggle with Wearing Color

Something I talk a lot about on my blog is my yearning for more color in my life. I've mostly chatted about it in terms of my makeup, I generally stick to neutral tones. This comes from a long line of working in retail and being told what to wear, both clothing & makeup. 

It all started when I was 17 and took a job at Hollister/A&F. It started out great, we could wear anything we wanted. I remember wearing an orange cami and white denim shorts and never feeling more on-brand. About 4 months into working there, they changed their dress code policy to only full-length denim jeans, and single or a layering of white, grey and navy tops, paired with a few selected flannels per season. Not only clothing, but we weren't allowed to have toe or nail polish, or wear much more makeup than mascara. Very limiting, and since you had to buy all your clothes, yes and I believe they're tied up in a major lawsuit (now) because of it, I didn't stray much from my workwear and leisurewear. 

Fast forward to 20 years old, I started working for MAC Cosmetics, where the dress code is all black everything. Makeup on the other hand, pretty much anything was acceptable. Which is what led me to live and breath makeup as expression.

What I'm trying to say is there are things in life that lead us to all decisions that we make. It can be as simple as attending private school and feeling like you can only wear pants with your shirt tucked in, or feeling like you can only wear your hair down because you didn't like how your hair looked up in a photo one time. 


The struggle of incorporating color into my wardrobe has been real for me. So sometimes I just add something to my cart that's completely and utterly out of my comfort zone, like this bright orange, large floral top with large bell sleeves. This is a huge step for me, I live in simple cotton, solid t-shirts. But I really like this little orange moment!

I major way to make yourself feel comfortable in something that is out of your comfort zone is to pair it with a piece that you love. Like these denim shorts I cannot stop wearing, for the actual life of me. As well as a pair of simple black boots. I love the juxtaposition of the silky accents with the edgy-ness of the black boot and denim shorts.


From my perspective you can wear whatever you want, on your body on your face, anything. I think the larger conversation is actively finding ways to make you feel your best. And today, I felt my best in this bright-ass orange top.



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