She Went to Coachella - A Full Survival Guide

As a native California-girl, it may be hard to believe that my first year going to Coachella Music festival was in 2017. Of course there were multiple reasons why, but I will say Coachella is something to experience for yourself. I really didn't know what to expect other than great music, cool art installations and maybe a good time with friends. What I didn't expect was all the effort and money that went into this fabulous 3 day event.


Fortunately for me, when I solidified my plans to go, I had so many friends sending every kind of checklist imaginable: Fashion, beauty, supplies, accommodations and transportation, etc. I'm going to get into these topics to ready you for your first Coachella experience. (Because let me tell you, had I not done these things I may have been miserable!) After all, who wants to pay an outrageous amount of money to not enjoy it?



Heres the thing about the desert - it's hot as all hell during the day, and at night it's still warm coupled with a cool breeze. Also, breeze + 100,000 people + desert = dust storms! FUN!

I know I know, you Pinterest search "coachella outfits" or "music festival fashion" and scantily clad, bohemian models start popping up. And YES that is the actual epitome of Coachella, this is what we actually live for! I just want to be here to tell you - if you think your outfit is too over the top of extra or even revealing, go harder. It's what the people want, and odds are, when you get there and look around, you'll feel conservative AF. That's just how I felt, maybe I'm crazy! 


Outfit of choice - I'll leave pic below of outfits I wore each day. Here's my Pinterest board.

Flat boots or sneakers - TRUST ME ON THIS. Unless you've broken your boots in and don't mind that they get trashed, stick to comfort or you won't be able to stand the next day. Never a new shoe btw, do not risk blisters on your feet, you will so regret it.

Jewelry - I wouldn't wear your nice jewelry to something like this - it's too big of an event, too many people and just not worth it. 

Sunglasses - A freaking must. It is soooo bright during the day and this is the easiest way to make your selfie/ootd game better if you're looking for a well lit money shot. No harsh facial expressions looking towards the sun

Backpack - I loved having a cheap little backpack from Forever with me, it fit all my needs (which you'll see below what I mean). Also, there are size restrictions check it out online.


Jacket - I brought a blue vintage Levi's denim jacket everyday for I knew I would need something substantial to keep me warm at night. Worth it! My fiancé, who's an actual dream, traded me off an on holding it. I a gentleman.

Leggings - Nothing too heavy if you're good on a jacket. Throw these in your backpack if you run chilly like me, I was so happy I did. Also, once it's dark no one cares what anyone looks like.

Bandana - Especially true if for day two and three OR if you're weekend two. The dust really starts to kick up and you'll want to protect your nose and throat from inhaling all that shit. I remember walking back to the shuttle on the last night and thinking OMG I can barely see in front of me. A FREAKING MUST.



As a makeup artist and someone who is hyper sensitive about skin and capturing looks. Here are a few helpful hints for these days. Like I said, no one really cares what anyone looks like at night so just make it count during the day.

Event Prep + Tips on How To Get Ready:

SPF - A must. Do your self a favor and invest in a physical SPF. When your hot and sweaty, there is nothing worse than a chemical sunscreen burning your eyes. Not fun. You need SPF on your face and your entire body. I'd also recommend packing Body SPF and a powder SPF for your  face to touch up through out the day.

FOUNDATION - If you can stick to tinted moisturizer, BB cream or CC cream. I wore foundation the first and second day and truly regretted it. Its so dry and dusty, you'll feel so gross after a few hours. 

CONCEALER - Conceal per usual, carry on.

LASHES - I wouldn't. there is no time or patience for this. In fact - I had a full on smoky eye day one and ripped my lashes off in the middle of Phantogram. 

GLITTER & GLOW - All over. Yep body, face, hair you do you this weekend. LIVE IN THE GLITTER. 


Beauty Essentials to Pack with You:

• Makeup Remover Wipes - Sun Down, bye any discomfort. 

• Your Lipstick of the Day

Chapstick or Lip Balm

Powder SPF


• Eye Drops - for dry eyes and contact wearers

Evian mist - if you like to keep it FRESH

SUPPLIES - other things you will want

Cleansing Wipes - Hands and body

Tissue - 2 words: portable potty.

• Hand Sanitizer

• Portable phone charger - you will neeed!

• Empty water bottle


I would suggest staying in Palm Desert rather than Palm Springs, as the festival is in Palm Desert. Staying in Palm Springs guarantees you at a MINIMUM a 30-45 min trek to the festival. However, if you're going to the parties surrounding Coachella weekend, they're all in Palm Springs. It's really your preference.

I stayed in Palm Desert in an Air BnB with friends *key for driving cost down* and was able to walk to a shuttle. Which was clutch. I Uber-ed to and from the festival on day one and getting there was fine, but on the way back you would have thought the world was ending. It was utter insanity.

If you can take a shuttle, I would suggest this as the smoothest form of transportation to and from :)

Alright, there it is! She went to Coachella! It really was an amazing time with friends and my man. The performers were incredible and it was one of the most memorable things I've done for a birthday celebration! Leave me a comment down below on your experience or any must have things you would suggest for a first timer!