How to Dress for CRSSD Music Festival in September

San Diego is my home, it's where I go to relax and unwind. This San Diego weekend however, was not my usual weekend-home getaway. I actually didn't make it home at all this trip!

I'm from the beach side of San Diego, so anytime I talk to people who've visited SD they're always saying how much they love downtown. Which is not what I think of whatsoever, when thinking of my home. This particular weekend was actually spent in DTSD, but on the harbor, still somewhat beachside. CRSSD Music Festival was perfectly sandwiched between the harbor and downtown, look over your right shoulder and see skyrises, over the left and you see boats! I loved this music festival, it was small, low key, beautiful and just fun! All the DJs were absolutely amazing and everyone in the crowd was so happy to be there. 


I've posted a full survival guide on what to pack for Coachella, however, this festival is quite different. Much smaller and seemed more secure - They wouldn't even let you bring in your lipstick if it had already been opened/used. Can someone please explain this to me?? Why would I bring in a lipstick that I wouldn't already have on my lips? Hence already been used. Let's be real - I got that lipstick in the festival!

There was also no ins and outs once you entered. So if you needed to touch up your lipstick (that you weren't allowed to bring in, oh well sucks for you!) I managed to get my liquid lipstick through, as well as my hand sanitizer the second day, which was brand new the first day. (They still gave me a hard time about it though.) 

Since it's in September AKA the best month in SoCal, you could wear whatever you wanted! I kept it super easy with my outfit choices but made sure to bring a little something to throw on at night, because ya girl runs cool. (Meaning any slight chill makes me shiver, super fun.)

Outfit Day 1

Glasses similar I found these cuties at a small boutique in Del Mar, no branding whatsoever on them. But I truly believe these made the entire outfit.

Earrings these are absolutely everything! Thanks to my babygirl Kalyn who hooked it up last minute with the accessories! 

Choker similar so dainty and cute!

Sunglasses I will wear these until they disappear!

Bodysuit very similar loved how this bodysuit had thumbholes.

Denim Shorts vintage Levi's are tricky to find in great condition, perfect length, wash, size, etc! I LIVE in these!

Shoes another love of mine!

Backpack this baby has been with me for over 10 years, and gets more and more beautiful by the day!

Outfit Day 2

Sunglasses same as day 1.

Lipstick this shade is bomb! I wear it anytime I want to feel super girly! Rio bb.

Bodysuit very old and such a staple piece in my wardrobe.

Denim Skirt this baby is so cute with the silver eyelet detailing up the seams on both sides! Thanks CT for having the best taste in clothing! Currently on sale! GO GO GO!

Handbag vintage Coach bag - $40 steal at a vintage shop in Portland! (also not the only one I bought!) Also, another hard baby to come by. Also something spilled on it right before this picture :( But all good, she's back to her perfect condition!

Shoes same as day 1.

Has anyone else attended CRSSD? Did you love it as much as me?!